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Polite But Firm

Our Security Patrol team are professional, articulate; customer-service oriented who project the correct combination of physical stature, attentive behaviour and friendly respectful demeanour. They are trained to patrol and safeguard your business or property, including your staff and customers, to detect any security violations and ensure safety has not been compromised. They are visible deterrent to crime – not just warm bodies filling a post – which is a common hiring policy of many lesser security companies. We choose the appropriate staff from our experienced team of accredited professionals to create scalable levels of security to fit our clients’ particular needs and situations – including the physical environment, potential for changing risk levels, sensitive times such as high traffic or low traffic, etc.

As with all our security services, our staff training emphasizes prevention before confrontation. However they are fully trained to professionally react to diffuse any incident and when required they know when and who to contact when a situation becomes significant. Limited Edition Security have developed a predesigned Effective Response Strategy which includes the initial contact and managing of communications with first responders – police, fire dept, ambulance and client…and stay on to assist first responders when and where required.


  • Office Buildings 
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Sites
  • Hospitals
  • Government Facilities
  • Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Shopping Malls


  • Security Patrol
  • Uniformed
  • Undercover / LPO


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