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We are not a security company trying to offer and deliver everything to everybody. For over a decade we have become experts in our particular field of services and this has allowed us to consistently offer Premium Services with Premium Staffing. Our services range from the simplest protection needs to the most complex; from personal protection to a full-blown team; from uniformed deterrent presence to less conspicuous undercover security. Since we are able to focus our systems, staffing and training within on our particular niche services we experience a 97% client retention rate. Something we are very proud of and work hard to maintain.

Don’t take chances with liability issues by not hiring the right company for your security needs. We are insured, bonded and accredited security company in the Province of British Columbia. However just as important is our training and staffing policies that actual help eliminate the potential of those liability issues. After every event we will also supply Incident Reports with pertinent information for our clients that can be used for planning future events or addressing any liability concerns.

Our staff is fully aware of the rights of the individual and conduct their business according to those rights, thus minimizing any legal concerns that could arise in the future. They are a friendly, visible deterrent to crime – not just warm bodies filling a post. As accredited security providers they are effective communicators, problem solvers as well as premium security providers who act with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Predominantly consisting of current and former trained peace officers, our staff have the experiences to employ a sixth sense to recognize potential issues and use polite but firm communication skills to diffuse situations before they happen. Less experienced security teams often just react to situations with undo force which often instigates and escalates the event into a worse situation. They know when a situation is escalating into a significant level and are trained to know who to contact at the appropriate time. They will manage all initial communications…providing pertinent data to first responders – police, ambulance, fire dept, coast guard, event stakeholders, etc. and they will then offer expert onsite assistance to these agencies as required.


  • Event Security
  • VIP Protection
  • Security Patrol
  • Investigations


  • Event Organizers
  • Government Agencies
  • Businesses & Corporations
  • Celebrities
  • Sports Organizations
  • Private VIP


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