ShieldEvent Security

Emphasizing Prevention Not Confrontation

“Se-cu-ri-ty : freedom from risk or dangers; freedom from doubt,  anxiety or fear; something that gives or assures safety”

There are four important characteristics of stadium personnel that have been linked to spectator violence: lack of training, experience, presence, and communication. Inexperienced staff who cannot identify potential threats and respond to them appropriately may not only allow spectator violence to occur, but also instigate or escalate violent situations.

We help relieve the stress of Event Organizers with our pre-event planning processes, staffing policies that use experienced accredited professionals and proven communication systems with all parties – including facility’s staff, event organizers’ staff, performers, attendees and local first responder organizations. We have the resources and ability to provide complete coverage for any sized event and employ a multi-layered approach to security planning to protect the guests, property and venue. We can be employed to act as the sole security company for the event or act as the on-site experienced professionals to augment the facility’s or event organizer’s staff.

No two crowds are exactly the same. Therefore, the tactics used to prevent spectator violence must be flexible. We consider each event as a six-stage process: 1) Your initial consultation; 2) The planning and preparation; 3) The assembly process; 4) The event; 5) The dispersal process; 6) Any required debriefing, incident reports or customer evaluation.

With 25+ years of Security experience, managers at Limited Edition Security use our expertise to choose and match our staff with the particular requirements and characteristics of each unique event. We train our staff to utilize strategies that emphasize prevention and never confrontation. However following the mantra to protect individuals’ rights while maintaining an orderly environment they understand how to employ the correct combination of physical stature, attentive behaviour and friendly respectful demeanour.

Our experienced staff recognizes the appropriate time when a situation is approaching a serious concern. Our staff will manage and diffuse the situation, or wait until first responders arrive and will then work alongside the first responders until instructed otherwise. At the end of every event a comprehensive incident report is completed by Limited Edition Security and sent to the appropriate parties.


  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Sports
  • Conventions & Trade Shows
  • Rallies
  • Celebrity & Private Functions
  • Expositions


  • Access / Egress
  • ID Checks
  • Pat Downs or Bag Checks
  • Wanding
  • Crowd Control
  • ID Checks
  • Pre & Post Event Security
  • Escorts & Protection
  • Barricade
  • Guest Services
  • Online Report Writing


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