Discretion and Results

This unit consists of highly trained Investigators with years of law enforcement and legal experience. Unlike many companies that provide “Investigators” who are Security guards under Supervision; this unit is solely made up of Licensed Investigators.

Their purpose is to act as a third party investigator and help detect, inform and assist in house security, also the police of any incidents where there is a potential for disorder.

Mandate of the Unit

To provide a totally Independent Investigations unit to protect all company assets, investigate allegations of misconduct, criminality and assist in the prevention of disorder during events. With the simple aim to ensure all guests have a safe enjoyable experience where they will want to come back.

Why choose an independent or outside unit?

Much like local police units have now turned to a third-party investigator on their cases. The same principle applies when Investigations are being conducted within a work place and during the course of major events. As an Independent Unit we do not have any bias affiliations towards your staff or to the complainants. The unit is independent, totally transparent and fully accountable.


  • Concerts

  • Festivals
  • Sports

  • Conventions & Trade Shows

  • Rallies

  • Celebrity & Private Functions

  • Expositions


  • Uniformed or Plain Clothed

  • Mystery Shoppers



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