ShieldVIP Protection

Tact, Discretion, Professional & Reliable

Limited Edition Security only hire individuals who possess the specific and unique skill-sets that are required to excel as a Protection Specialists. Our staff are professional, articulate, client and service-oriented. They are professional communicators, problem solvers as well as security deterrents who know when and how to react appropriately to any issue that may arise.

We carefully analyse the unique requirements of each and every contract before we choose the most appropriate staff from our team of accredited professionals. We assign the person from our staff that has the right balance of: friendly but firm demeanour; physical stature with professional appearance; respectful of personal space with the attentive behaviour of surroundings.

You can employ Limited Edition Protection to act as your exclusive protection or use us to augment your own personal security team with our regionally experienced staff. Our professional team have developed discreet relationships with local services and first responders and are very knowledgeable about local destinations and establishments that may be of interest to our clients. They are also acutely aware of other establishments or locations that may be of a concern.


  • Local Protection
  • Point Men 
  • Tour Security
  • Close Protection


  • Sports Organizations
  • Celebrities
  • Musicians
  • Celebrities
  • Government Agencies
  • Businesses
  • Event Organizers 


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